shop.inkhappi.com  FAQ's

Q:Do I need to be registered to purchase items from the shop?

Yes. In order to make any purchase, you must first register. This is for your own security, to keep track of any downloads and sales registered to you, and to offer any support you might need during your purchase. You can be sure that your information will ONLY be used for shop.inkhappi.com, and that your information will NEVER be sold or given away. Further information can be found in our Terms and Conditionsunder Privacy Policy.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?                                                    

All payment options are listed on the bottom of the sales homepage.

NOTE:Our site also has an SSL certificate ensuring the best security possible.


Q: Do you accept coupons?                                                                                                          

Yes! Occasionally we will offer coupons with either a set dollar off amount or a percent off discount and can cover either specific products or all products in general, depending on how the coupon is set up. These coupons can be found on our website, through Facebook, and our newsletter subscribers will receive special coupon offers in the mail. To redeem a coupon, add the desired items to your cart. In the View Cart Screen, enter the coupon code in the field provided and click “submit”. If you’ve entered a valid code, the discount will then be applied and will show the balanced owed, if any. You are allowed to redeem ONE COUPON per purchase. Any balance due above the value of the coupon will need to be paid using the PayPal option.


Q: How long are the items I purchase available for download?

Your purchased items will be available for download for seven (14) days after your purchase is complete and you will receive two (2) downloads. Please be sure to download during this time period, and if you experience problems, be sure to read the next question to understand the downloads better. If you are still unable to download, please contact us.


Q: What format are the downloaded files in?

All downloaded files are in a compressed .zip format, which, when opened, will show the files that are inside. Inside your .zip file will be your .png, .pdf, or .jpeg files you purchased. All our digital files are saved in 300dpi ensuring the highest quality for printing. *see next question regarding .zip files.


Q: How do I open the .zip file I downloaded?

Zip files are compressed files that contain the contents of what you order.  The reason they are compressed it so your download is faster.  Most computers have built in decompression software but if you are having trouble extracting, I suggest using a free extractor.  Windows users can go to www.7-zip.organd download a FREE extractor.  Mac users can go to www.izip.comand download a FREE extractor, or you can download a free trial from http://www.winzip.com


Q: How do I give you personalized information for personalized prints?

Those options will be given to you on the product page itself. It will give you a title for the information needed and let you know how many characters are allowed for personalization on the print and you will type it in yourself.


Q: What is the process and timeframe on personalized products?

Once we receive your order, we will process it and get it back to you for approval in 24-48 hours. Then it will be another 24-48 hours from the time of your approval that you will receive it for download. *For shipping, see shipping terms and add an additional 24-48 hours from your approval time to that.


Q: Do you offer any of your products in different sizes?

We will resize a product if we are able to format it to the size you’d like. We charge an additional $4.00 for this service. This option is available on some products on the product page or you maycontact us with your request.


Q: Do you do custom orders for invitations, posters, etc…?

Yes. However, we regulate our custom work and not all inquiries are accepted. Custom orders begin at $20.00 on up depending on the desired product. When requesting custom work have these things in place: Type of product, size, colors desired, wording (including spelling and addresses), and if printing is desired quantity to be printed.


Q: Do you accept returns?

RETURN POLICY: Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted. Please know that your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about our products or your transaction.


Q: Can I feature or show any of your products on my own Website?                                                                                                                                                                              

By all means, YES! As long as credit is given to inkhappi for the product and a link back to https://inkhappi.comis given on your site.